Pro Orantibus Day – Nov. 21
Visitation Nuns in Toledo Choose Enclosure, “Because God Draws Us To It”

This is the first part of an article from the Catholic Chronicle, the newspaper of the Diocese of Toledo, reprinted with permission. 

Behind the walls of the Monastery of the Visitation on Parkside Boulevard in Toledo, a small community of women religious devote their lives to praying for the people of the Diocese.

Visitation Sisters, from Catholic Chronicle video

Sisters of the Visitation in Toledo devote their lives to praying for people in the Diocese of Toledo and throughout the world. Click image for a video about their life.

To support and honor members of this and other contemplative orders around the world, Catholics are asked to offer specials prayers for cloistered women and men religious Nov. 21, which has been designated as Pro Orantibus Day (“For Those Who Pray”).

Two sisters praying. Click for Chronicle article and video.

Pope John Paul II spoke of cloistered and monastic members as a "leaven of renewal."

Pope John Paul II asked the ecclesial event be observed worldwide in 1997 to thank those in the cloistered and monastic life for serving as “a leaven of renewal and of the presence of the spirit of Christ in the world,” and to remind others of the need to provide spiritual and material support to these communities.

Visitation Sister Sharon Elizabeth Gworek, superior of the contemplative Visitation Order in Toledo, says it is “providence” that Pope John Paul designated the Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Presentation in the Temple for this purpose, since that happens to be the same day all members of the Visitation Order worldwide renew their vows.

Sister at computer. Click for Chronicle video.

The Visitation Sisters in Toledo, OH have the privilege of papal enclosure. Thus, they generally stay in the monastery.

Sisters in kitchen. Click for Chronicle video.

Pro Orantibus Day was begun to thank those in the cloistered and monastic life for their service.

Read the entire article and see a video about the Sisters at the Catholic Chronicle.

Visit the Sisters of the Visitation of Toledo, Ohio

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